Why should I call nuView when I can purchase discounted electronics at a big box store?

nuView is a “value-added” provider. Nearly 45 years of industry experience is just one way we differ from big box stores. Our goal is not simply to sell an electronic device. We want to create a solution for your home’s needs. We take time to really listen to our clients, learning about what you care about, how you plan to use your purchase and the specific opportunities and limitations in your space. We tailor our recommendations to accurately match your needs and budget with the most appropriate technology “solution.”

I bought audio visual equipment from a large electronics store, but I’m not sure that I understand how to maximize its options. Can nuView help?
Absolutely! nuView is committed to helping consumers just like you with a variety of service and installation issues. Sometimes that means adjusting and/or re-installing equipment that was purchased at the big box store. Other times, we offer the one-on-one technical support you need to maximize the use of your investment. Call us to learn more about how we can help you.

I have a limited budget, can you help me design a plan that I can phase in over time?
Yes. In fact, we often recommend a multi-phased approach. Planning for your project should consider your budget, as well as other factors, such as the construction process and scheduled new product releases. Phasing in your plan gives you the flexibility to revise your project as your needs change and new technologies become available.

I would like to create a media room in my home, but I don’t want to do a major renovation. What are my options?
Every space is unique. Some of the most challenging, irregular and small rooms can be transformed into the perfect media space with minimal changes. nuView will carefully review the opportunities and limitations in your home. Our plan will include custom solutions that are creative without being invasive. We will revise and reorganize as needed to ensure that you are completely comfortable with every aspect of the plan.

I am building a new home. When should I contact you to begin designing plans for entertainment, lighting and other options?
The unfortunate fact is that homeowners and/or builders often wait a little too long before having serious discussions about the increasingly vital “sub-systems” in new homes. As these sub-systems grow more popular and commonplace, they also increase in sophistication, increasing the time it takes to properly design them. Ideally, the electronics and integration plan should be designed from the blueprint stage. We call it “Design-Build”. This advance planning provides you with the opportunity to create the perfect infrastructure to enhance, protect, and sustain your home. Why wait? Call us today.

I would like to improve my home’s energy usage. What types of products/services are available to decrease my home’s environmental footprint?
MANY MANY MANY environmental control and energy-management systems are available for your home. Some of these solutions were introduced as early as the 1990’s, and they are rapidly growing in popularity today! An initial consultation and planning interview will help you determine the appropriate system(s) for your living space. Sometimes a single-room / very affordable stand-alone system is appropriate, while very large homes demand a more thorough “House-Wide” integration system. Whatever your needs, nuView is ready to help you create a green plan for your home. Contact us for more information.

Should I take out a special insurance policy to cover my home electronics?
nuView’s warranty statement states that we will honor each of our equipment manufacture’s own implied warranty for the period of time which is identified by the respective manufacture. nuView guarantees our workmanship for a period of one-year from the time of the completion of the installation.

Special “Extended-care” Warranties are available for our clients who express an interest. Often, extended–care warranties are not practical for our clients. The purchase price of the extended-care warranty makes up too large a percentage of the purchase price of the product. We prefer to inform and educate our clients in an effort to assist them in making the best decision possible.

I am looking for a specific product. Can you find it for me?
Yes! Call us with your specifications, and we will be happy to find it for you.